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Criw Cymraeg - Elected Members


The Criw Cymraeg meet on a fortnightly basis and we take our work very seriously. 

Our aim is to encourage the use of the Welsh language around the school. Each week we have two secret detectives (one member of staff and one pupil) who spot Welsh speakers around the school. Whoever is heard speaking the most Welsh, in class and out on the yard, wins a prize at the end of the week. 

In the Spring term, we hold a Welsh Heritage day, where we all conduct activities about Wales, Welsh people and how far the language has travelled. We are also looking forward to celebrating our school Eisteddfod to mark St David's Day.




Our main focus is to promote the Welsh ethos across the whole school. We have designed Welsh games to increase the fun in Welsh which will be shown and developed through the Spring term.




  • To try to improve the school’s incidental Welsh 
  • To represent our school in welsh 
  • To develop Welsh games around the playground.


We were so pleased to be able to host our Eisteddfod this year after missing it for the last 2 years. Our dedicated Criw Cymraeg met before the event to discuss how we wanted to run it this year. We decided to find a way that the whole school could enjoy it, but to be safe so opted for a Whole School Teams meeting. 

The rest of the Eisteddfod followed in our usual All Saints way, with each class sharing their recitals, handwriting and art work. 

At the end of the week, Criw Cymraeg collected all the points up to reveal the winning house.

Our progress

This term we have been trying really hard to promote Welsh within our school. We are really pleased to hear Welsh language being used in our classrooms, corridors and even outside on the playground.

Thank you to all the children and the staff who are persevering and trying really hard to push All Saints' into becoming a stronger bilingual school. Diolch yn fawr a daliwch ati!! - Thank you very much and keep going!!