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Croeso i Flwyddyn 6!

Together, with God, Everyone Achieves More




Croeso i flwyddyn chwech! Welcome to the Year 6 webpage!  As well as celebrating some of our brilliant learning with us, I hope that you will use this page to find out information and access additional learning resources so that it becomes a really useful communication and learning tool.


Our Team

Class Teacher: Mr. Perry
Team Davies Maths: Mrs. Davies 
Classroom support: Miss Ashfield and Mrs. Miles

(Mr. Perry has non-contact time every Thursday morning and alternate Thursday afternoons for Senior Management responsibilities. On these days the Deputy Headteacher, Miss. Ansell-Jones, will teach in class.)


What are we learning about?

Beth ydym ni'n dysgu?

Our context for learning is: 

(THEME) What a Wonderful World! 

This is a geography based topic where we will be learning about countries around the world and the wonders they contain. So far we've learnt about the seven Ancient Wonders of the World.

(SCIENCE) Electricity, Light and Sound

We will be investigating how light travels, why our ears can hear sound and what makes a circuit work.


Dates this half term

P.E Every Wednesday afternoon in the hall. We are currently studying dance. Barefoot, shorts and a house t-shirt/house colour is required.
Games Every Friday afternoon. We are learning about large ball skills and focusing on Netball and rugby. Please ensure appropriate outdoor clothing is in school during the winter months i.e. long sleeved tops and tracksuit bottoms. 



Reading Everyone should be reading regularly, where possible every day. It is important that we read a variety of texts to build our fluency and understanding. Please comment and sign in your child's 'Reading Together' booklet every time you hear them read. If your child does not have one of these booklets, they should aim to complete a book review in their Review Diaries after each completed book. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the school. 


Written Homework: Please continue to check the quality of written tasks completed at home - please ask your child if they have focused on their targets and put 100% effort into the task as they would in class.  I am now expecting pupils to be writing extended sentences, using an extended vocabulary range, connectives and various techniques to make their writing more interesting e.g. exciting 'Alan Peat' sentences, simile, metaphor, personification.  Writing should be accurately punctuated with full stops, capital letters, question marks, commas to separate clauses and speech marks should be used to denote direct speech.  (Reminder - speech should be punctuated before closing speech marks.) 


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to me.


Diolch am ymweld a thudalen we Blwydden chwech.  Thank you for visiting Year 6's webpage.  Cofiwch alw eto'n fuan!  Please call again soon!  no


Best wishes,

Mr. Perry

Year 6 Teacher




Year 6 Spellings

23.03.17 - Word families using the prefix 'ac'

16.03.17 - Word families from the root 'mit'

(Personalised Spelling List Practise)

09.02.17 - Spell words that contain a silent b

03.02.17 - Spell words that use ei after c

26.01.17 - Spell words by adding vowel suffixes to words ending in -fer

19.01.17Spell words that end in -ant/-ance/-ancy or -ent/-ence/-ency

12.01.17 - Use the ending -able/-ible and -ably/-ibly accurately

06.01.17 - Spell words containing -cial and -tial

16.12.16 - Spell words that contain the ough pattern

08.12.16 - Spell words that include silent letters

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