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Croeso i flwyddyn dau!


What are we learning about?

Beth ydym ni'n dysgu?


Maths this week : Multiplication and division. We are counting in 2's, 5's 10's, 3's and 4's.

Literacy this week: We are reading 'Bob , Man on the Moon' by Simon Bartram.

We will be writing using connectives 'because' 'so that' ' but' and making our own alien fact files.


This half term our context for learning is:  Family Album


Watch this space as we start our learning journey for the Autumn term


What have we been learning about?

Beth ydym ni'n dysgu?

Last half term our context for learning was: Happiness


At the start of the term the children decided that the Reception children should have a special reward for settling into school so well. Year 2 thought back to what it was like for them starting a new school and thought that a 'surprise party' would be the best way to celebrate all of their hard work.


We started by writing letters to Mrs Williams our Head teacher and spoke to Mrs Griffiths to see if we were allowed to book the school hall. After that we collected data to find out what the children in Reception class liked and disliked. To make sure that we had enough time to make everything for our party, we used calendars and made a plan of action.


Just before the party we made confetti cannons and decorated personalised party crowns for our Reception buddies. We switched off all of the lights, found a sneaky hiding place and once all of the children were inside the hall we shouted 'SURPRISE!'


Here are a few pictures to show how much fun we had. Lots of happy faces.



Spelling patterns

Each week this page will be updated with the spelling patterns being taught. Your child will have a list of personalised spellings sent home in addition to these.


13.07.17 -  We are exploring the letters   'dge' 'ge' at the end of words but sometimes spelt g elsewhere in words before e, i and y.




Challenge - How many words can you come up with?



Try this at home challenge:


Next week we are learning how to weigh items and compare different weights.


Why don't you take a look at the food packaging in your kitchen or when in the supermarket.

What can you see on the label? Take note of grams and kilograms. Make an estimate of how heavy something might be and then check.

Ask an adult if you can help them when they are cooking, help to measure ingredients.


Don't forget to share these activities with us, we love to know what you've been busy learning at home.


How can I help at home?

Sut allaf helpu adref?

Please help your child to practise reading every day. Little and often is best to ensure that reading is a pleasure rather than a 'night before reading day at school' chore. Our aim is to develop a lifelong love of reading! Encourage your child to discuss the text and ask them some questions that will check their understanding of the events or story. Reading a variety of both scheme and 'real' books will benefit your child, as well as having books read to them, for example as a bedtime story. Even proficient readers will benefit from modelled reading by an adult or older sibling.


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