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Who's Who

Meet the staff at All Saints' Church in Wales Primary School


Teaching Staff


Headteacher                      Mrs E. Williams

Deputy Headteacher         Miss A. Ansell-Jones


Reception Teacher            Miss C. Fairchild

Year 1 Teacher                  Mr C. Jones

Year 2 Teacher                  Miss K. Willington (Leader of Foundation Phase)

Year 3 Teachers                Mrs D. Moore / Mrs H. Togneri

Year 4 Teacher                  Mr J. Murphy (Leader of Maths and Numeracy)

Year 5 Teacher                  Miss N. Bevan

Year 6 Teacher                  Mr R. Perry (Leader of English and Literacy)


Non Teaching Staff


Reception                          Miss J. Morgan, Mrs I. Matthews

Year 1                                Mrs H. McGill, Mrs M. Williams

Year 2                                Mrs S. Jennings-Harrison, Miss N. Latham

Year 3                                Mrs L. Tonge, Mrs K. Edwards

Key Stage 2                       Miss K. Ashfield, Mrs G. Davies

Interventions                      Mrs M. Miles


Dinner Supervisors and Kitchen Staff


Mrs N. Fodil

Mrs N. Begum

Mrs B. Hill

Mrs A. Langbridge

Mrs P. Warlow

Mrs T. Aye


Cleaning Staff and Caretaker


Mrs W. Marshall

Mrs L. Langbridge

Mr D. Cleaver